Quid                            Quid (Rip). 450×540 mm, lithograph

eecposter                                             I’ll be showing some new work in this show which opens on Saturday evening, you’re all invited.

Air                                                                  Air. 420×300 mm, pencil & Conté crayon

Con-Air1                                                  Con Air. 540×520 mm, lithograph

Fing--                                                          Fing. 300×240 mm, etching

Interconnect-1                                 Interconnect. 297×392 mm, linocut

Coin-with-ivy                                                     Coin with ivy. 360×270 mm, aquatint

Chai-Conflux1                                                   Chai Conflux. 162×136×72 mm, stoneware



Dreamcatcher                                                  Dreamcatcher. 153×210 mm, etching

Fireplace                                                    Fireplace. 61×24 mm, Jesmonite


Crucible                                           Crucible. 136×108 mm, stoneware

Idol-V                                                           Idol V (3D projector). Plasticine, bouncy ball, flash bulb, bottle cap.

Idol-IV                       Idol IV (Golden nugget). Plasticine, filter holder, golf tees, bulldog clip.

Idol-III                                                        Idol III. Plasticine, beer mat.

Idol II                        Idol II. Plasticine, Slinky, garlic stalk.

Idol-I                                                     Idol I. Plasticine, tea sachet.


                                                                  Velux. 300×112 mm, Perspex, mastic

Aqueduct                                                Aqueduct. 75×163×54 mm, 11×58×39 mm, stoneware

Grill                                                         To view this image, walk back four paces.

Model                                                           Arches encased within one another, rotating anticlockwise (25 rpm).

Vessel                                        Vessel. 88×96 mm


Green-Bell                                           Green Bell. 271×180 mm



                                                    My Aunty’s cats (composition).

  New Rome. A-28 page screen printed book of scenes from the fabled city. Available from the South London Gallery bookshop.

A yellow window                                                                      Raymond Chandler/ John Hughes.


Maltese stamps from my mum’s childhood collection. Mostly from the late sixties – early seventies.


Gulden Draak, Bruges.
During the Quinquennial Pageant of the Golden Tree, at approximately five minute intervals, the Gulden Draak halts the procession, opens its mouth and emits smoke. Local children in traditional costume of the Flanders region charge and assault the dragon with flags. The smoke then drifts away, the Gulden Draak closes its mouth and the pageant is resumed.


                                                        Posh tiger (asthmatic).